Vapor Group, Inc. (vpor) Announces Grand Opening Of Second And Third “total Vapor” Retail Outlets – Yahoo Finance

Other view: Ban e-cigarettes inside workplaces : Dunn County News

The Garage Salon and Spa

It sells nationwide through distributors, wholesalers and directly to consumers through its own websites and direct response advertising. All of its E-cigarettes consist of a long-life battery, a heating element, a cartridge filled with an e-liquid and an atomizer which when heated vaporizes the e-liquid. Because E-cigarettes are not lit like regular cigarettes, they dont create flame, smoke from burning, ash, tar, noxious fumes or leftover cigarette butts.
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The FDA has proposed regulations that would set an age limit for buying them and require them to have a warning label about nicotine addiction. The agency also has done a study that found half of the e-cigarettes tested contained cancer-causing substances. Here in Wisconsin, we have a ban on selling them to minors, enacted in 2012. The state also has an indoor workplace ban on tobacco cigarettes and a question about whether it should include e-cigarettes.

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