Ag Zoeller Urging Electronic Cigarette Restrictions On Fda | Wish-tv

Exploding lithium batteries riskier to airplanes, research shows | – Business

Nicotine is the main addictive thing in the cigarette, Ashis K. Chakrabarti with Hope Cancer Center said. I have seen studies where even without the nicotine, e-cigarettes cause airway resistance and airway information, he said. Other concerns include addressing advertising, ingredients, and the sale to minors. The most recent letter to the FDA includes these concerns plus issues with all of the flavors for the cigarettes.

E-Cigs Regulated Same as Cigarettes in Cabell County

and United Parcel Service Inc. are installing advanced fire-protection systems on their planes to combat battery-fed fires. The new research also creates a quandary for regulators, which were barred in 2012 by Congress from imposing standards on lithium battery shipments that would be stricter than those recommended by the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization. The Department of Transportation and its Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration cant enact anything tougher than current ICAO standards unless credible reports blu emerge of actual on-board fires. Its set an incredibly high hurdle for us to see further regulations, but that doesnt mean were not going to keep on pushing for it, Sean Cassidy, national safety coordinator for ALPA, said in an interview.
citation: asked people in Cabell County what they thought about the regulations, and we got mixed reviews. One man said people use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. He says with the amount of smokers in our area, instead of mandating e-cigs like real cigarettes that we should focus on helping people quit.

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